Christmas in Australia’s hot,cold and frosty’s what it’s not…

The title of the post comes from an Australian Christmas song, and they are very accurate…cold and frosty it definitely wasn’t. Hot and Sunny it was!

Husband, kids and I spent Christmas and New Year just outside Perth, Western Australia. My brother moved out there 9 years ago and we went out to celebrate not only Christmas, but also his wedding to my lovely sister-in-law on NYE.

We had a horrendous flight out there, being turned around about 2.5 hours into our flight due to a technical issue with one of the doors! It was all fixed, but obviously we missed our connection and ended up being 24 hours late arriving into Australia.

Still we had a great time when we were there, we went to Hillary’s Boat Yard on Boxing Day

and had a lovely day in Kings Park, followed by dinner in Fremantle

We then traveled down to Margaret River the day before NYE for the wedding. My brother and sister-in-law chose an amazing venue, an old Fremantle boatshed which hosted one of the most beautiful and romantic weddings I’ve ever been to.

Sadly it was all over far too soon and we had to come home and back to reality. We had a wonderful time and made some amazing memories.


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