New Adventures

2017 Plans

Well I’d planned on getting this post out much earlier in the month, but this month seems to be wizzing by!

I thought I’d tell you about some of my bucket list items for 2017. I don’t make resolutions, I always feel that once you use the word resolution you feel all sorts of pressure and some how the excitement goes and it becomes a chore.

We started a family bucket list a couple of years ago and it was so much fun. We start with a list in January but the good thing with a bucket list is you can add to it any time you like. So this year I thought I’d do a separate bucket list just for my planning/blog in addition to our family one.

So far my planning/blog bucket list has the following items in it.

  • Have fun with some art journaling
  • Start to keep (re-keep really as it’s something I used to do when I was younger) a memories journal for special days/occasions
  • Begin a gratitude diary to help me focus of the good stuff and remember it’s the small stuff that counts
  • Develop my blog, I’m still new to it all and I’d love really make it work this year.
  • Increase my Instagram and blog followers
  • Start to take some great photos to share on Instagram. Let me son teach me a thing or two about photography (he’s 12, but a budding photographer and has an eye for a photo)
  • Enjoy it all

I know I’ll add to it as the year goes on…I’ll keep you posted throughout the year on how it’s going. x

What’s on your bucket list for 2017?


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