Not strictly planner related but…

I couldn’t resist I’m afraid and I do have a photo of my planner in the post so a tenuous link.

Last year we sadly had to say goodbye to our faithful cat Toby. My husband and I had had Toby for 13 years, he was older than our children. He’d had a good life though, he adopted him from the Blue Cross when he was about 5 so he was at least 18…a good old age.

We all talked about what Pet we’d like, not to replace To y, but replace the large hole that Toby left behind. We decided on a kitten. As we weren’t around for Christmas we promised the kids we’d get one in February once we were back to normal.

So at the beginning of this month we decided to start our search. We went back to the Blue Cross and joined their adoption list, but they didn’t have any kittens in. We also joined the adoption list at Sunshine Cat Rescue, a local cat rescue centre. They had some kittens on theit list and after a home visit to ensure we were suitable we went to visit some kittens last weekend.

We didn’t came away with a kitten…we came away with two! A brother and sister (we couldn’t split them could we!) They came home with us yesterday and are slowrly settling in to our busy lives.

They are very sweet, very cheeky and have already found a way into our hearts.

Oh and I said there was a tenuous planner link…I just so happened to have this adorable cat sticker as part of a sample sheet from the lovely Shona  from The Ginger Cat which I used to mark my planner for collecting the kittens

I’m sure this wont be the last post about these cheeky little ones! Please feel free to share your pet stories x


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