Welcome to my blog, this is a new adventure to me and I’d like to thank you for coming along for the ride.

I’m a busy mum of three great (well most of the time) kids. Two boys, aged 12 and 9 and a little girl aged 4 and wife to a wonderful husband. But with 5 of us in the house, life can be hectic to say the least…and this is where my planner comes to the recuse.

It not only is a place to record the various appointments, activities and dates to remember, but houses my shopping lists, my to-do lists, birthday lists, gift lists (I’m a kind of list girl!), my contacts, my expenses, cuttings from newspapers that might be useful, vouchers…the list is endless and to be honest it’s my life line. But there’s more to my planner than its practical use. My planner is also an outlet for my creativity and there’s a social aspect too.

The aim of my blog is to take you on my planner journey with me and show you how a planner can be so much more than just an appointment book. While we go ahead on our adventure, you’ll see I’m not just a planner addict, but a stationery addict and crafting addict too.

Now, hold on tight and let the adventure begin…